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online workshops on vinyasa krama

This is a series of online workshops hosted by two Yoga Schools, Xarma Yoga (Pamplona-Iruña) and Denen Yoga (Hendaia). The teachers of both schools are close students of Matthew Sweeney and are very happy to offer these workshops.

back bending and the stages for drop backs

saturday 6th february, 10h-12:15h (spain)

Taught in a step by step manner, these techniques have been developed over many years. Students who have fear of backbending, or pain of various levels can find ease and structure to help support their way into back-bending harmony. Includes Uddiyana Bandha / warm-ups at the beginning, and final discussion of Mula Bandha at the end of the class. Students will need two blocks and a clear wall space when attending this class. The camera should be positioned so Matthew can clearly see the student on the wall space in full.

free talk on vinyasa krama

thursday 18th February, 8h-9h (spain)

This talk is useful - maybe critical - for all students learning any Vinyasa Krama Sequence. Matthew will take the time to describe each sequence, the main concepts / boundaries of the sequence, and some limitations of the sequence. Included in this talk will be how to truly learn each sequence, the commitment required, and how to integrate the pranayama and pre-practice routines. VKM is designed to provide you a wonderful holistic, well rounded Yoga practice - Yoga that encapsulates the physical, psychological / energetic, and higher consciousness layers.

inversions: headstand, forearm balance and handstand

saturday 20th march, 10h-12:15h (spain)

With some simple and repeatable techniques, you can learn how to evolve and improve your practice of all inversions. If you follow the instruction in this workshop, and practice the method diligently for 1 year following the workshop, you can accomplish free-balancing in many inversions. Students will need one block and a clear wall space for attending this class. The camera should be positioned so Matthew can clearly see the student on the wall space in full.

core pranayama

saturday 15th may, 10h-12:15h (spain)

This class will begin with a warm up with Uddiyana Bandha and Nauli Kriya - of benefit to both Asana and Pranayama practices, approx 30 minutes. These practices are of great benefit for learning the essence of the Bandha (without confusing theories or esoteric misunderstandings) plus of benefit for many lower back issues.  Then the class will spend 30 minutes on each of three different techniques for correctly understanding the development of Pranayama. From Ujjayi Back Breathing, to Viloma Pranayama, to Kevala Kumbhaka. A cushion or three, plus a wall for your back - for sitting comfortably - is recommended.

Matthew sweeney


Matthew Sweeney has been practicing Yoga for more than 30 years, and teaching for 25 years. He has developed a number of Vinyasa Sequences - called Vinyasa Krama Mandiram - to suit people of any age and ability. Although this method is movement based, it is easily applied for students as Yoga-therapy - individual application without losing your adventurous spirit. VKM will enhance your well-being with the prospect of continuing to practice decades into the future with real harmony and joy.


Matthew has also spent the last 30 years practicing different forms of self inquiry, including Meditation, Tantra, Gestalt Therapy, Transforming Cellular Memory, Buddhism, and Advaita Vedanta. All of these have contributed greatly to his understanding of Yoga and the connection between the body, mind, and indivisible Self.


Matthew is the author of Vinyasa Krama Mandiram, Ashtanga Yoga As It Is, various Yoga DVDs, and many articles on Yoga and consciousness.



Online classes:


25€ each (the talk on Vinyasa Krama is free). Zoom links will be distributed prior to workshop.


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